What do you do if you are ill or get injured and you are booked off work for a lengthy period of time? will your employer cover your salary? and if so for how long?. 

What if the company cant afford to pay you whilst you are unable to work who will meet your costs and provide for your family? 


Income Replacement  Cover is the answer, a simple stand alone benefit that picks up where your company is not able to. the plan can be designed to meet your needs. Premiums can be cost effectively managed by choosing a benefit start date from as little as 7 days to 3 months, cover will provide income for 24 months after which depending on medical opinion can be converted to a permanent disability benefit (terms and conditions do apply)

Where you are a business owner we can provide a solution for loss of turn over and business expenses due to the principle income generator being off work and unable to perform his /her duties. 
so not only will it cover your salary but will pay certain of the office costs so that the business can continue whilst you are recovering. 

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If you have Health you have hope if you have hope you have everything. 

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